Are You a Brand in Your Customer’s Mind?

Brands exist and our minds are full of familiar images we instantly recall when prompted by sights and sounds. A significant part of our industry is focused soley on commercial brand imprinting with the goal of recognition and association.

Think about your business for a minute when compared to a major brand you recognize and know. What’s the difference? How did their logos get etched in your mind and other customers’ mental product grids? And, what’s your role in this process of creating a brand image and position in their minds?

The only way to build brand equity is to replace one brand value perception with another. Creating a brand value proposition in the mind and keeping it there by constantly reinforcing the value position must be included with everything you do in your mix of promotions, day-in, day-out. Once you stop investing in maintaining your brand position in their mind, you’re giving your competition a massive opportunity to replace you and your brand with theirs in the customers mind.


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