It Was the Best of Times and the Worst of Times went live at 11:45 pm Pacific on Wednesday, Oct 8. After all kinds of delays with the credit card merchant account and gateway provider, we got it all together and letter’ fly. Within 15 hours we had over 5000 visitors to the site. Like the other videos I put up during the prelaunch, the site was choked as hundreds of people watched. I even had trouble uploading the new video tour of the site. What should have taken just a few minutes took almost 2 hours. If the site slowed down too much for you to watch, I apologize. This is still very new for us, and we’re making mistakes. Don’t let that keep you from checking it out in depth.

I did get several emails from people saying how much they have enjoyed the emails and are looking forward to taking part, but just not now. They cited the economy as being “too scary” at the moment. They’re holding back until they’re feeling more secure. I can certainly understand that position. Like many of you, I’ve taken some pretty serious hits as the market has continued its nosedive to who knows where. But the fact remains, neither you no I can do anything about that. You need to take action for yourself if you don’t want to get dragged down with everyone else.

If there ever was a time to pay attention to what’s on TShirtSuccess, it is now. If you go back and listen to the very first introduction video, I talked about the need to take action. That is what the Fast Action Contest was about (winners are being announced on Monday,) and I wanted to see just how many people would be motivated enough to move forward. A funny thing happened with the contest. Lots of people signed up and downloaded the template ,and many did get started right away, but there were a significant number that emailed me later in the week to say they hadn’t gotten started yet, but they fully intended to do the promotion. As the financial news continued to decline, more people started to implement the promotion beyond the contest itself. It led me to wonder exactly what the motivating factor was that actually led to action.

The point is this, is there for you. It’s a very inexpensive investment that will do a great deal to set you on a path you can control for yourself. If you’re worried about the small monthly subscription fee, bring a couple of friends along and the site is free for you. If you haven’t looked at the Partner link, check it out. If you refer just ONE other member, you cost drops to 50%, refer 2 and your membership is free. More than 2, and you start to make money. That’s right, you actually profit from from each referral. When I look at the Affiliate sign-up log, I can see who gets this idea. There are a bunch of smart decorators out there that know other decorators and they’ve referred them. This is an excellent example of using Leverage to move yourself ahead without spending anything. Those of you who’ve done it know what I’m talking about.

So yes, it is the best of times when you look at the real opportunity to control your future direction and it is the worst of times when you consider the paralyzing paranoia of the financial markets. Focus on what you can control and take action. That is the only thing that will keep the economy moving and as a small business, we have MUCH more power than anyone is letting on.

Ironically, this has been the best production week we have had all year. We billed as much this week as some of the earlier months. The unsettling part is that last Friday, we didn’t know what we were going to do after Wednesday. There were also strong new order bookings that are keeping up with what we’re billing. That’s always a good combination.

More later. . .


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