SGIA ‘08 Show one for the Books

The 3 1/2 day SGIA ‘08 is now one for the books. Thanks to all of you who stopped by the Wilflex Poly One booth to listen to the two presentations I did on their behalf. The programs were well received and many of the attendees came back for a repeat. The programs were scheduled for 45 min, but the Saturday morning progam went 1:40 min. After having seen the program at least once, several companies came back with excellent questions about how all of this is going to work.

On Monday the 20th, I will put up both programs so you can dig down even more than you have to date. And there is another big announcement.  I was originally planning to put my technical articles  inside the Members Only side of the site.

I’ve decided otherwise.

If the article EVER appeared publically in a magazine or other publication, it will be presented and archived for everyone to read and download on the PUBLIC side of the site. That’s right, everything I’ve ever written will be available here, in one place. At last count it was about 315 articles, columns, and articles. It’s going to take a while to get them all formatted, but I’ll be getting at least half a dozen up per week, if not more. Check out the Resources and Technical Articles sections.

The reason I’ve decided to do this is there’s simply too much information needed to get you up to speed. Having access to what I’ve already published will help make it easier to get prepped for what’s coming. I’ll try to upload the most relevant articles first. In the meantime. All the current articles are being switched over to Public Access for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

In the meantime, I would appreciate any comments, suggestions, or other commentary from any of you who were at SGIA. I’d like to know your opinions on the state of the industry, the show, and the programs I presented if you were there. This is very helpful to me in deciding exactly what to give you that will do the most good right away.
Very best to all.


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