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Great Ideas on Using LinkedIn

Monday, January 4th, 2010

I’m a huge believer in LinkedIn and other social media sites. They are, without a doubt, the next generation way to build our businesses. Today, I wanted to offer a guest blog post by Jim Gibson, publisher of Online Media Today. Jim’s blog post has created a great discussion in the Inbound Marketing Group on LinkedIn and I wanted to share it with you today. If you’re new to LinkedIn or want to get more out of using it, here are some great ideas. Enjoy.

By Jim Gibson - Publishing Partner, Online Media Today

Ten Tips When Using LinkedIn!

LinkedIn Tip #1: Have a Plan

Decide what you want to accomplish before you start. LinkedIn, like other business oriented social networking sites, offer a number of ways to generate the results you are after. Want to present your company? Looking for a job? Network with like-minded professionals? Need an answer? Want to establish yourself as a thought leader in your space? Each of these approaches present excellent opportunities to leverage professional online networks but make sure your plan is solid before you start.

LinkedIn Tip #2: Make Your Profile Easy to Digest

Tell your story but keep it brief. Short, pithy, sentences are more likely to be read than lengthy paragraphs. It’s like an elevator pitch (explained in less than 1 minute). Use bullet points. Readers often scan content and bullets help to highlight your successes. Provide details of your work history and make sure to highlight your special skills. Above all, make sure to check for proper grammar. Make sure to use important keywords when describing your professional experiences as these can help others find you more easily. And before you post your profile, read it aloud to yourself to hear how it sounds or better yet, ask a colleague to read it and tell you what they think.

LinkedIn Tip #3 – Your Profile Photo

You must have a picture! But make sure it’s a good one and shows you in a professional light. This is not the time to be too cutesy. Don’t upload the picture you took at your last toga party. For women, this is not the time to strike that sexy pose. Choose a professional and friendly picture that demonstrates your real personality yet shows you are here for business.

LinkedIn Tip #4: Give (and ask for) Recommendations
If you want recommendations on your profile, be prepared to ask for them. Look at those you are connected to and offer recommendations to those who deserve them. Make them short and to the point and be sure to include specific accomplishments – don’t be too general. The more genuine the recommendation you give, the more likely it is to be returned. Rule of thumb: if someone gives you a recommendation, thank them first then return the favor!

LinkedIn Tip #5: Join Groups

Be a contributor. Generate posts and respond to discussions. Group interactions provide you and your company great exposure. Check out other member profiles and follow their discussions. This is a great way to identify valuable contacts and network in meaningful ways.

LinkedIn Tip #6: Be the first to comment!

Clearly, it’s important to engage and interact with your audience. This helps to establish you as a valued contributor and can lead to more meaningful connections. But what most people do is look for posts that already have lots of comments and, only then, do they add theirs to the mix. The common thought, naturally being, posting where there are lots of people = lots more visibility.

Don’t get me wrong - that’s cool. But the important thing here is to support the post originator and there’s nothing cooler than to give that first (note: quality) acknowledgement. People post on social sites in order to get feedback and hate it when a post goes virtually unnoticed. The first one to post is a welcome sight (Ahhh.. someone noticed!) and helps to foster a new relationship with the person who started the discussion in the first place! This is the true meaning of social networking - one on one. But, by building relationships intelligently, one on ones ultimately lead to one on many.

Don’t be afraid to be the first to post a comment. A good post originator will thank you, appreciate you and most of all notice you. It’s done this way in real world social settings so why not acknowledge its effectiveness in the virtual world as well.

LinkedIn Tip #7: Connect with Thought LeadersFind those considered leaders in your industry. Search by company to find the people who are true influencers and follow what they are doing. Research who your industry leaders are through existing trade publications and find them on LinkedIn. If they are and we share a contact I know well, reach out through the contact for an introduction.

LinkedIn Tip #8 – Selecting Groups

Search groups using industry keywords and related topics
Look at the groups of industry leaders, subject matter experts and top executives
Look at groups your connections are members of
Use pertinent Q&A category and ask what groups people belong to
Pose the question in your current groups: “What other groups do you find useful?”

LinkedIn Tip #9 – Use the Search Feature

Using the “Search function on your LinkedIn home page (upper right), you can “search” on People, Jobs, Companies, Answers, Inbox and Groups.

If you move to the right of the search box and click on “Advanced,” you can search on keywords, name, company (current and past), geographic location, industry, job title (current and past), school, groups, by language, by the interest of those being searched, when they joined LinkedIn, those in or out of your network, and by relevance – and any combination of the above.

Find the companies you want to do business with and the people you need to meet at those companies. With over 50,000,000 business professionals registered, your search results can pay big dividends

LinkedIn Tip #10: Use Applications

LinkedIn has teamed up with some of the Internet’s premier companies to offer registered users access to new applications that enable you to collaborate on projects, get key insights, and present your work to your audience in interactive ways. Have a Power Point presentation you want to share? Install the free SlideShare app and instantly share your presentation to a wider audience. Need to brainstorm with your team on a new idea? Load Huddle Workspaces on your profile and instantly collaborate with your colleagues. There are many apps to choose from and several are showcased at:

Seth Godin on Building Your Tribe and Being the Best

Friday, February 13th, 2009

Seth Godin is one of my favorite authors, bloggers, and visionaries. This interview at the TED Conference is particularly relevant for us in our industry today. It’s about surrounding yourself with your own Tribe of followers who “get” what you are all about. It fosters excellence and propagates that message.

Besides those two enormously important factors, surrounding yourself with advocates allows you to concentrate and focus your efforts at being excellent at what you do, whatever that may be. It is KEY to what we need to do today to get the economy back on track and protect our own business. Focus on influencing those areas where you are being heard. If you aren’t being heard or you don’t have a complelling story, you’re condemning yourself to a frustrated life of mediocrity surrounded by a crowd that doesn’t understand or appreciate you.

You can check out more of Seth Godin on his blog at or his main page at


The Power of Social Marketing

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

One of the most exciting opportunities to grow our business lies in the area of Social Marketing. This collectively falls under the umbrella of Web 2.0. Most of you will know this as blogging, FaceBook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, and so forth. If you’re not familiar with this, don’t dismiss it. It’s not just for high school and college kids. It’s super powerful and can be used to almost instantly certify your validity and credibility. It will also get you ranked on Google and in the search engines very, very quickly.

I have been using LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter for a few months now. Combined with the blogs (mainly this one), the number of pages referencing me and what I do have more than doubled in the last month. Before the use of these methods, if you typed Mark Coudray into Google, it would return somewhere between 85,000 and 95,000 pages. After using these methods, the same search delivers 190,000 - 230,000 pages on any given day. If I release a new video, it goes way up. I don’t know how it all works, but I’m stunned at how well it works.

Besides the increase in search results, it is a powerful way of building credibility. I use Facebook and LinkedIn mainly, but I’m also rapidly building my friends list of followers on Twitter. I’ll be writing a whole lot more about this in coming weeks and how you can use it to benefit you.

In the meantime, if you would like to connect to me on LinkedIn, add me as a friend on FaceBook, or follow me on Twitter, I would be honored to return the favor.

Pay particular attention to who are in my friends and connections lists and to the recommendations on LinkedIn. They have been HUGELY powerful in getting introductions and connections to people who can make a difference in my life and business. They can for you too.